Episode 73: VS From Mexico with Love

Chris came back from his cruise to Cozumel with some Mexican snacks, so we’re watching a movie that’s been described as “Mexico’s answer to Rocky“!

Episode 72: VS Robin-B-Hood

Listener CJ Kral emailed us to tell us about a lesser-known 2006 Jackie Chan movie called Robin-B-Hood. Here’s what he said: “This movie’s ending is

Episode 69: VS Horror Express

It’s Spooktoberfest, and cruel fate has thrown our newest film at us: 1972’s Horror Express, starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing! It’s been described as

Episode 68: VS King Solomon’s Mines

We’re brining our Cannon Canon series to a close with 1985’s absolutely awful King Solomon’s Mines, a nominal Allan Quatermain adaptation that’s really an incredibly

Episode 66: VS Going Bananas

We’re finally opening up the Cannon Canon this time around, and we’re starting off with what ultimately proved to be a bad choice, 1987’s Going

Episode 65: VS Razorback

We asked our listeners which Australian movie we should watch next, and the overwhelming winner in the suggestion contest was 1984’s Razorback, which one critic

Episode 64: VS BMX Bandits

A fan (the wonderful Lucas Brown)¬†sent us a box of Australian snacks, so we’re paying tribute to the land down under with a short series

Episode 63: VS Countdown (2016)

Here’s what we knew about the new WWE Studios release, Countdown, going in: It stars Dolph Ziggler and Kane playing cops, part of it takes

Episode 62: VS The Punisher (1989)

We’re back with another unsung Dolph Lundgren film! This time out, we’re watching the first-ever movie adaptation ofThe Punisher, which was released direct-to-video in the

Episode 60: VS Gun (2010)

We’re wrapping up Rapper/Actor Right Back Atcha with 2010’s Gun, a movie that not only stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, but was also written by

Episode 59: VS Romeo Must Die

We did it, everyone: We managed to continue Rapper/Actor: Right Back Atacha and celebrate Valentine’s Day all in one show! The movie that helped us

Episode 58: VS I Got the Hook-Up

Rapper/Actor: Right Back Atacha continues with this¬†1998 “comedy” starring Master P! We go in coming to the troubling realization that this movie could essentially be

Episode 56: VS Santa’s Little Helper

It’s Christmas week, and we’re watching the brand new Miz Christmas movie (in a budding Movie Fighters tradition), Santa’s Little Helper! Unlike 2013’s Christmas Bounty,

Episode 55: VS Saving Christmas

It’s December, which means it’s time for us to dive into some holiday films! We’re kicking off the month with a movie we wanted to

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