Episode 99: VS Season of the Witch

When we discovered Hellboy (2019) wasn’t streaming like we thought it was, we pivoted to this mostly forgotten 2011 Nicolas Cage fantasy adventure flick. We

Episode 98: VS Shazam!

We watched 2019’s Shazam! this month, and our reaction to it may surprise you! It kinda surprised us, at least. If you’d like to hear

Episode 97: VS Batman Ninja

Based on listener requests, we dug up this 2018 animated Batman film, and it sure is a wild ride. If you’d like to hear our

Episode 96: VS Mortal Engines

For this month’s episode, we’re answering an eternal question: What if city was tank? But also, what if man was robot? What if prison was

Episode 94: VS Thunderstruck

Another month, another movie featuring a present-day NBA star. How will this one measure up against Uncle Drew? (Badly. It’s badly.) If you’d like to

Episode 93: VS Uncle Drew

This time, listeners? It’s not a fight. We could never harm anything as beautiful and precious as 2018’s Uncle Drew. If you’d like to hear

Episode 92: VS Tomb Raider (2018)

We’re kicking off 2019 by giving one of last year’s maligned blockbusters a second chance! Does the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise deserve one?

Episode 88: VS Daphne & Velma

We’re getting pre-Halloweeny with this prequel to the Scooby-Doo live action movies (maybe)! How will a movie about Daphne and Velma meeting IRL in high

Episode 87: VS Constantine

We skipped Constantine back in 2005 since it didn’t really seem like a faithful comics adaptation, and we never watched it back when we were doing movie

Episode 85: VS Darkman

We’ve talked about it for a long time, so we’re finally diving into 1990’s Darkman, a strange, personality-filled 1990 superhero movie that shares a lot of

Episode 84: VS Rampage

It’s our second time going to a movie theater for a Movie Fighters and our second video-game-based movie starring Dwayne Rocky “The Rock” Maivia Johnson, as

Episode 83: VS Hundra

We’re wrapping up our run of Faux-nans with a 1983 barbarian movie led by a woman, and that might just rule. The movie is available

Episode 80: VS The Beastmaster

Look, everybody. We needed this. To kick off 2018, we’re watching a classic. That’s right. The 1982 film The Beastmaster, directed by Don Coscarelli, is

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