Episode 98: VS Shazam!

We watched 2019’s Shazam! this month, and our reaction to it may surprise you! It kinda surprised us, at least. If you’d like to hear

Episode 97: VS Batman Ninja

Based on listener requests, we dug up this 2018 animated Batman film, and it sure is a wild ride. If you’d like to hear our

Episode 96: VS Mortal Engines

For this month’s episode, we’re answering an eternal question: What if city was tank? But also, what if man was robot? What if prison was

Episode 94: VS Thunderstruck

Another month, another movie featuring a present-day NBA star. How will this one measure up against Uncle Drew? (Badly. It’s badly.) If you’d like to

Episode 93: VS Uncle Drew

This time, listeners? It’s not a fight. We could never harm anything as beautiful and precious as 2018’s Uncle Drew. If you’d like to hear

Episode 92: VS Tomb Raider (2018)

We’re kicking off 2019 by giving one of last year’s maligned blockbusters a second chance! Does the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise deserve one?

Episode 88: VS Daphne & Velma

We’re getting pre-Halloweeny with this prequel to the Scooby-Doo live action movies (maybe)! How will a movie about Daphne and Velma meeting IRL in high

Episode 87: VS Constantine

We skipped Constantine back in 2005 since it didn’t really seem like a faithful comics adaptation, and we never watched it back when we were doing movie

Episode 85: VS Darkman

We’ve talked about it for a long time, so we’re finally diving into 1990’s Darkman, a strange, personality-filled 1990 superhero movie that shares a lot of

Episode 84: VS Rampage

It’s our second time going to a movie theater for a Movie Fighters and our second video-game-based movie starring Dwayne Rocky “The Rock” Maivia Johnson, as

Episode 83: VS Hundra

We’re wrapping up our run of Faux-nans with a 1983 barbarian movie led by a woman, and that might just rule. The movie is available

Episode 80: VS The Beastmaster

Look, everybody. We needed this. To kick off 2018, we’re watching a classic. That’s right. The 1982 film The Beastmaster, directed by Don Coscarelli, is

Episode 79: VS Pottersville

For this year’s holiday movie, we chose something that is only holiday-related in the most inexplicable of ways: 2017’s Pottersville, a tax dodge disguised as a

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