Our movie this time around is a suggestion from listener William Hoffman: The first-ever Chinese superhero movie, Infra-man, a.k.a. Super Inframan, produced by none other than the Shaw Brothers!

It’s part Kamen Rider, part Ultraman, part Superman, and all hardcore kung-fu.

Here’s a spoiler: It was brutal, and we loved it.

You can watch a dubbed version on DailyMotion here.

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It’s our first official episode of our second season, and it’s a doozy. We’re watching the animated 1985 She-Ra origin movie, Secret of the Sword.

Spoiler warning: It’s the pits. It’s so bad and so boring it barely kept our attention.

And yet we still found a way to talk about it for an hour-plus. We are true heroes.

You can watch the full movie on YouTube here.

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