Reeses Releases

Brilliance or hubris? That’s the question we’re trying to answer with this month’s Snack Situation special, in which we try several new Reese’s Cups filled with stuff, including peanuts, cookie pieces and Reese’s Pieces themselves. Results…vary. Plus, Matt tries a couple additional Reese’s confections, and we give Butterfinger peanut butter cups a try.

Is it an action movie? A comedy? An action comedy? Neither? These are the questions that we try to answer while watching 2016’s Skiptrace (known in China as Jue di tao wang), a buddy travel movie starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville.

We’re still Chan for the Summer, but things get a little less sunny with this one, we’ll tell you that upfront. You can watch along on Netflix if you want, but here’s our advice: don’t.

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