The end times are here, because on this episode, we’re watching the Kirk Cameron-starring adaptation of Left Behind from 2000!

It’s such a mess that even author Tim LaHaye hated it, and yet there’s something weirdly compelling about it. Maybe it’s the amazing character names, such as Dirk Burton, Buck Williams and Rayford Steele. Maybe it’s the unparalleled awfulness of the acting. Maybe it’s the complete nonsense plot driven by total nonsense geography and geopolitics.

Whatever the case, you can watch along with us on Netflix if you see fit. At the very least check out the cover art.

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4 comments on “Episode 40: VS Left Behind (2000)

  1. Matt G Apr 22, 2015

    Left Behind has to be your most controversial episode yet. I was shocked when I heard your opinions.

    I am of course referring to your comment on the Futurama episode featuring Fry’s dog.

    Love the podcast,

  2. The movie Matt may have seen with his youth group may have been “Apocalypse,” another movie produced by the same people who made “Left Behind” (2000), which is also about the rapture. “Apocalypse” has three sequels (which at various points feature Howie Mandel, Gary Busey, Mr. T, and noted atheist actress Margot Kidder) and are also entertainingly terrible.

  3. David Kueter Apr 27, 2015

    Yes, on wanting to hear additional Left Behind sequel episodes. If you’re getting into cheap, bad art made to promote specific belief systems, I’d love to hear you do the recent “Atlas Shrugged” movies.

  4. J Boller May 21, 2015

    One of the commenters on Slacktivist suggested that Stonegal is a pun on Rockefeller (Stoney Gal and Rocky Feller) because the authors are veterans of the John Birch society which was strangely suspicious of successful capitalists.

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