We did it. We finished the Left Behind series, and it goes out with a bang.

That’s right: We’re watching Left Behind: World at War, featuring Louis Gossett Jr. acting circles around everyone else who’s ever appeared in the series. It’s kind of amazing.

The rest of the movie is just plain terrible, though.

Watch along with us on Netflix, if you’re ready for some Tribulation.

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2 comments on “Episode 43: VS Left Behind: World at War

  1. Dylan Jun 4, 2015

    Chris (movie Chris, that is) says he works for the Son of Man?


  2. You guys should check out 20th Century Boys. It’s a trilogy of pretty good movies (well, the first two are pretty good, I still haven’t watched the third) based on a superb manga. It’s weirdly similar to Left Behind, but replace Christianity with the power of rock and roll.

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