We’re kicking off a new series here on Movie Fighters, our long-awaited series of movies based on pulp characters! And we’re kicking it off with 1975’s Doc Savage, Man of Bronze, a long-forgotten movie that was supposed to be the start of an entire franchise. There’s even a teaser for a sequel at the end!

It turns out to be a pretty mixed bag, with plenty of things to enjoy, and plenty of things not to (say it with us: racism).

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2 comments on “Episode 45: VS Doc Savage, Man of Bronze (1975)

  1. Pat Wagner Jul 4, 2015

    This was one of the movies I looked forward to the most as a kid. It did play in theaters, but I did not see it there. By the time my turn to pick the movie came around again it was long gone. As to the low budget, none of the money went to the music. John Philip Sousa died in the 1930s and all of the music was public domain. I was obsessed with the doc savage books and this kinda follows the plot of the first one. I also believe for some reason that doc’s mother was a member of the tribe but could be wrong. There is also a strong eugenics undercurrent in the books with doc being made into the perfect human by his father. There was supposed to be a remake starring Arnold Schwarzenegger but it never happened obviously. It’s amazing what you Denver from old issues of starlog. If you want to complete the pulp circle of Ron Ely you could do an episode of the Tarzan TV show. I can’t wait for the rest of the pulp series.

  2. Myles Lobdell Aug 7, 2015

    It’s so funny how you describe Sousa as if he was an active participant in the film-making. Love it!

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