It’s Christmas week, and we’re watching the brand new Miz Christmas movie (in a budding Movie Fighters tradition), Santa’s Little Helper! Unlike 2013’s Christmas Bounty, this one is a full-on Santa and elves extravaganza, and…it may be all the worse for it.

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2 comments on “Episode 56: VS Santa’s Little Helper

  1. Wylimo Jan 6, 2016

    Enjoyed the podcast, thanks guys. A Christmas club (as I’m sure someone has told you by now) is a savings plan, so people have money for Christmas. They have them in the UK, but Wikipedia says they were a US invention in the Depression. So, yeah old people (like me) would know what they are. Now, a Christmas club going bust, that’s a made for TV movie!

  2. Danicus Jan 29, 2016

    That “adult stealing money and blaming a kid” story is pretty close to what River Phoenix tells Wil Wheaton in “Stand By Me”. The school blames him for stealing a bunch of milk money, he tries to return it to his teacher, but it never gets back. He realizes his teacher stole it when he tried to return it, and her response is basically “Yeah, but who are they going to believe? YOU? You’re just some kid from the wrong side of the tracks. I’m a teacher.”

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