We’re back and we’re kicking off what may be March Mattel Madness with 1987’s live-action Masters of the Universe movie, starring Dolph Lundgren!

Our take: It ain’t as bad as you think, though it’s a horrible adaptation of the cartoon. Skeletor is pretty rad, though.

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2 comments on “Episode 61: VS Masters of the Universe (1987)

  1. Lightning Lord Mar 18, 2016

    Science fantasy with wizards and lasers goes back a long way. Like John Carter is probably an example. I guess also MotU with Kirby design can be added to a list of game changers that were never made, along with Jodorowsky’s Dune.

  2. Wylimo Apr 6, 2016

    Fun episode! While there’s no Kirby, this film did have William Stout head up the visual design team and Moebius made contributions. Also, Paul Chadwick sets one of his Concrete stories, ‘Fragile Creature’ up around the production of ‘Rulers of the Omniverse’, which is oddly similar to this story.

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