Here’s what we knew about the new WWE Studios release, Countdown, going in: It stars Dolph Ziggler and Kane playing cops, part of it takes place at a WWE event, and it has Rusev holding a gun.

It delivers on those promises, but not a whole lot else.

You can watch along with us on Amazon if you like, but it’ll set you back at least four bucks.

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4 comments on “Episode 63: VS Countdown (2016)

  1. Where are you Danicus?

    • Yeah, the explosion happens at the back of the gun, but since the action is closed (except for revolvers, which have a gap between the chamber and the barrel) when the bullet goes off, the sound from the explosion escapes out of the front of the gun. That’s why silencers work. As to whether or not a gut would silence a shot, I have no idea, but doubt it.

      • DanicusRex Apr 29, 2016

        HAHAHA, I hadn’t listened to this until today.

        Good to see you’re keeping up on this stuff, though.


        • Yeah, I’ve got a long commute to work, so I tend to listen to these things pretty soon after they’re released.

          Next firearm-related trivia is all yours though.

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