We’re back with another entry in the Cannon Canon, and we’re doing it up big with Ninja III: The Domination, a movie that combines ninja action with supernatural horror, with a dash of the 1980s aerobics craze! It is quite an experience.

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One comment on “Episode 67: VS Ninja III: The Domination

  1. Crawley Apr 18, 2018

    Coming late to the party with this podcast but this episode immediately caught my eye.

    Growing up in the 80’s I was so in to any films with ninjas. Ninja 3 was a frequent rental for me as it not only had ninjas but was also horror elements. I watched this film a crazy number of times. But I hadn’t seen it in forever so the recap was a great trip down memory lane for me.

    I do know when my ninja film obsession began to die out. I had convinced my father to drive to a movie theater an hour a way to see Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985), which Sho Kosugi starred in. It was in some crummy theater with about 4 other poor saps besides my father and I. I don’t recall much other than the film had terrible dubbing and some guy in an electric wheelchair being blown up as he was driving across an open plain, But I do recall being so embarrassed by the whole thing. It wasn’t even a fun bad movie. There was nothing redeeming about and it was a complete waste of time.

    I felt terrible I dragged my father to it and it made me reevaluate if these ninja movies were any good. I’m sure I still watched a few after that – American Ninja and Gymkata were released that same year. But I know the obsession with watching anything with ninjas quickly died after seeing Nine Deaths.

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