Myra Breckinridge earns a dubious distinction on this week’s show: It’s officially the worst movie we have ever watched for Movie Fighters.

How’d it get there? Listen and find out.

This movie doesn’t seem to be available to stream anywhere. Be thankful.

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3 comments on “Episode 34: VS Myra Breckinridge

  1. Mar 1, 2015

    You guys completely missed the boat in reviewing MYRA BRECKINRIDGE, taking it far too literally. Disappointing review to listen to because there were so many aspects to the film that you didn’t pick up on, choosing to focus rather on the offensiveness of the story at large. MB is actually a very funny and sophisticated film. I disagree with your opinion on the photography. It’s actually very nicely shot. Raquel plays it with great flair and who could ever fault with the comedic timing of the legendary Mae West. The film is done as a dream and in that respect succeeds in giving off that impression. The Myron character is in a car accident and while asleep after undergoing surgery dreams he is transformed into Myra. One of the many brilliant aspects to the film is the camera panning to the Raquel Welch magazine covers on the hospital bedside, suggesting that Myron had been reading about her prior to nodding off after surgery and it was Raquel Welch who became his Myra. The film is actually a very pro gay/transexual film and is a interesting commentary on the changing roles of the sexes at the time. What I do find interesting in listening to your podcast is the way in which Myra Breckinridge after all these years still stirs peoples emotions. It was the most talked about film of 1970. A box office and critical failure, but very much ahead of its time.

  2. Mar 1, 2015

    My suggestion of a movie podcast? The 1975 version of THE STEPFORD WIVES

  3. You guys are funny in this review, but it’s actually a tribute to Myra Breckinridge that after all these years it still has the power to get under peoples skin the way it does. You guys were more reacting emotionally rather than recognizing its merits as a weird comedy. I think you missed a lot of the point taking it way too literally. The film is suppose to be Myron’s dream and thus is directed in that manner. It’s long had a cult following and marks a period in films when major studios were doing everything and anything to appeal to the counterculture of the day. Perhaps if you have to read the book to get a lot of the humor in Myra Breckinridge. Contrary to what you said, it did not ruin Welch’s career. Check her IMDb page. I don’t find it insulting to trans gender people at all. It’s not fair when you read reviews for a film prior to watching it. That said, my question to you guys is the 1973 Burt Bacharach musical LOST HORIZON. It’s big star studded expensive film that yes was heavily criticized at the time but none the less is fun to watch. Not like Myra at all, though it has it campy moments. It was Columbia’s number one project that year. I think you guys would have a field day with it.

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