Episode 62: VS The Punisher (1989)

We’re back with another unsung Dolph Lundgren film! This time out, we’re watching the first-ever movie adaptation ofThe Punisher, which was released direct-to-video in the

Episode 60: VS Gun (2010)

We’re wrapping up Rapper/Actor Right Back Atcha with 2010’s Gun, a movie that not only stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, but was also written by

Episode 59: VS Romeo Must Die

We did it, everyone: We managed to continue Rapper/Actor: Right Back Atacha and celebrate Valentine’s Day all in one show! The movie that helped us

Episode 58: VS I Got the Hook-Up

Rapper/Actor: Right Back Atacha continues with this 1998 “comedy” starring Master P! We go in coming to the troubling realization that this movie could essentially be

Episode 48: VS The Phantom

We’re wrapping up our series of pulp films with 1996’s The Phantom, a film that both of us remembered seeing, but neither of us really remembered.

Episode 44: VS Russell Madness

Our palate cleanser after the marathon that was all four Left Behind movies is 2015’s Russell Madness, and, well, we probably could have chosen better.

Episode 36: VS Black Samurai

We’re coming to the end of our backer demands, and this week, we’ve got one of the craziest movies we’ve ever watched: 1977’s Black Samurai,

Episode 34: VS Myra Breckinridge

Myra Breckinridge earns a dubious distinction on this week’s show: It’s officially the worst movie we have ever watched for Movie Fighters. How’d it get